"I was a good student and now,

I help others to  excel  academically"

My Background


I grew up in Singapore and came to the UK to study at Cardiff University, the top UK university for its occupational therapy course. Upon graduating as the top scorer of my cohort and being awarded the Research Prize for my year, I decided to capitalise on my strengths in academia and pursued a PhD in healthcare at Cardiff University. I was the first occupational therapy student who went straight into a PhD programme at my university.

As a PhD student, I consulted on 8 other PhD research as a qualitative researcher and a philosopher. I quickly found out that I am good at helping others understand complex ideas and philosophical concepts. I started having some supervisors recommending their students and research associates to seek me out to help them grasp certain nebulous theories.

I completed my PhD in 2.5 years; I am the first and the fastest student in Cardiff University to do so. I also had 4 publications, set up a concurrent research collaboration, more than 10 conference presentations by the time I graduated.


I am an academic consultant for universities and students.


To universities, I am considered a "Student Expert". I talk to students about how they can cope with their academic work and tips on how to make their learning journey easier. I also about my experience as an international student for 7 years in the UK.

To students, I am a "Tutor For Hire". I provide close 1-1 support for students who require more guidance or those who can benefit from more customised teaching. I predominantly work on research related modules but have also helped students with other matters like careers, PhD applications, and university assignments. I mainly work with students on their dissertations and theses and also provide proofreading services

My additional jobs:

  • I am a researcher at Cardiff University exploring the value of patient stories for nursing students

  • I am a tutor at the University of Essex. Aside from supervising and teaching, I am also helping UoE develop their new online MSc Nursing module. 

  • I am writing an ebook which is a collection of tips and hacks for postgraduate students

  • I am working on publishing my research as a monograph

  • I run the Young Entrepreneur Network in Cardiff

  • I am working on a new business idea with a business partner

How I work

I help students actualise their true potential and produce work that they can take pride in. I do that by providing bespoke and trustworthy services. I will not write or edit work for a client; all my contributions are suggestions and recommendations and it is the client's responsibility to decide whether to take them on board. 

My PhD research was in exploring how students learn and grow and so in my work, I apply the findings of my research to help push my clients to think deeper and to consider multiple perspectives. Therefore, I will not provide answers but I help my clients develop that answer for themselves.

Due to the way I work, I do not take any credit for any of your accomplishments nor will I ever request to be a co-author on your publication unless there is collaboration involved. My client's successes are their own.

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