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Are you unsure if you are ready to submit your dissertation?

Struggling to understand your supervisor’s feedback?

Confused about dissertation/research?

Unsure of the academic quality of your work?

Not clear about how to start/write/plan a chapter or essay?

Let  me  help!

Basic Academic Review



per word

I will review your dissertation/essay from cover to cover and comment on your document regarding the academic rigour of your work. I will also push you to think more analytically about your claims and suggest any aspects that you can explore further.

Your work will be reviewed for the following

  1. Clarity: making sense in your arguments and being understandable

  2. Flow: conveying your thought process and arguments logically and linking your paragraphs, sections and chapters

  3. Coherence: presenting evidence, ideas and claims that are in accordance with the stance that you are taking and not contradicting yourself

  4. Quality: deep analysis and synthesis of findings and references and demonstrating a level of thought appropriate to your degree level

  5. Accuracy: presenting conclusions/claims that answer your research/dissertation question and findings/evidence.

Estimated time required:

up to 10,000 words - 1 working day

10,000 words to 25,000 words - 2 working days

25,000 words and above - 3 working days

The above timings can be shortened, a 50% expedited fee will apply.

Please use the contact form below to order or ask for a more accurate quote.

Build your Own Package

Build a package of services to suit your specific needs!

Your package can contain 1 or more of these services:


Academic review

dissertation analysis



English Proofreading


Research method




PhD Application

More services available!

Drop me a message below to discuss what you need!

Check out the desktop website for more information.

Client Case Studies

Here are some examples of how I have helped my previous clients and how they have customised their own packages.

English proofreading, basic academic review, dissertation analysis report, PhD application

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Basic academic review, dissertation analysis report, English proofreading

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Consultation, Masters proposal

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Need help deciding?

Pick one that best describes your situation

I have finished my dissertation and I need someone to analyse it, tell me the issues and how to solve them

I need someone to tidy up the English of my work and make sure the formatting is perfect for printing/binding

I need some one to guide me throughout my research/writing

I have finished my dissertation/essay and just need someone to tell me the issues with it

I am stuck with my dissertation/essay /research and I just need someone to help me through this bit

Drop me a message even if you can't find one that fits you, we can always have a chat!

Masters Client Reviews

I am an international student, and it was my first time to undertake research (systematic review). I was confused not sure if my work is right or not.


Ken helped me and guided my work through comprehensive advice and recommendation which change my assignment and my way of thinking totally.


Finally, thanks to you Ken and I did recommend you to my colleagues.

Masters, Cardiff University

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Legal thingys

My advice and work do not replace any supervision or supersede any direction as provided by your institution and supervisor(s). My analyses and recommendations are all suggestions. It is up to you to decide which ones to accept or reject and you are fully responsible for your work. I do not guarantee your results or grade. I strive to be honest and clear with my comments on your work and I do not mean any insult.I will not edit your document or write your work for you. All my work can be found in the comments column, “track changes” or in a separate document. A 50% expedited fee will apply for all services if work is expected to be delivered within a shorter time frame than expected.