Speaking and Workshops

I love speaking about academic life, from my own experience and from what I have learned from others. I share academic life hacks, study tips and research and writing advice.

I also speak about coping with academia and job hunting as an international student, a demographic that is poorly represented and catered for.

Let  me  help your students!


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How I Submitted a PhD in 2.5 Years:

Academic Tips and Hacks

How to stay focused and driven in the PhD and how to make the PhD life easier

Complete writing guide from how to plan a thesis to how to write paragraphs, sections, chapters and compiling and formatting a thesis

From Thesis Plan to Final Thesis Draft

Blogging and Scientific Communication



How to communicate research through non academic formats such as blogs, podcasts, infographs, web articles and making use of social media

Post PhD job hunting as an international student

Job hunting tips for researchers and guidance on developing cover letters and CVs for non academic and academic jobs

Being an International Student in The UK

How to cope with personal and academic life in the UK and how to live in the UK as an international student

Doing a PhD as an International Student

Practical advice for PhD level international students, coping with academic life away from home and leveraging your international status to your advantage in your research/job hunting

My experience of managing my mental health, Imposter Syndrome, anxiety and balancing my personal life

PhD and your mental health and personal life

starting a business as a PhD grad/


Exploring and developing business ideas as researchers and setting up a business using research skills

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Ken participated on the LatAm Research Symposium delivering the talk: How I completed my PhD in 2.5 years – Tips, tricks and lessons learned. This talk was very insightful and worth to be listened for all PhD and master international students struggling towards their research and job hunting experiences. Ken highlighted a few tips for PhD students onto how to structure their thesis and improve their project time length by simple yet worthy suggestions. Also, Ken provided some examples about his personal experience through his PhD that made the delegates to feel engaged with his stories and motivated at the same time to complete their PhD. I would strongly recommend Ken to be any PhD and masters’ advisor.

Edith Rojo Zazueta, Latin America Society President