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I help Degree, Masters and Ph.D. level students with their research and dissertations and theses. 


I also give talks and workshops on how to navigate the academic life and all the tips/tricks/hacks I know.


I am a healthcare researcher at Cardiff University and I also supervise research and teach at the University of Essex. Read more about my experience and research here. 

I also love to lift heavy things and drop them real fast and read about philosophy.

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Qualitative Research

Action Research

Quantitative Research

Mixed Methods Research

Systematic/Literature Reviews


Applied Sciences

Physical Sciences

Social Sciences

WHat i Talk about

Speaking and workshops

"How I Submitted a Ph.D. in 2.5 Years: Academic Tips and Hacks"

"Blogging and Scientific Communication for Researchers"

"From Sections to Chapters to Final Thesis Drafts"

"Doing A PhD/Masters/Degree as An International Student in The UK"

What my clients say


Dr. Ken Yan Wong took his time to discuss my work with me. He did not only listen to me, but he also has a genuine and very unique way of mentoring which improved my understanding of my research topic, and help me attained the expected corrections on my work.


I count myself as being fortunate to have received mentor-ship from Dr. Ken Yan Wong during this critical period of my study journey. Hopefully you will consider using the mentor-ship from Dr. Ken Yan Wong to improve your research work!

Professional Doctorate, Cardiff University


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Legal thingys

My advice and work do not replace any supervision or supersede any direction as provided by your institution and supervisor(s). My analyses and recommendations are all suggestions. It is up to you to decide which ones to accept or reject and you are fully responsible for your work. I do not guarantee your results or grade. I strive to be honest and clear with my comments on your work and I do not mean any insult.I will not edit your document or write your work for you. All my work can be found in the comments column, “track changes” or in a separate document. A 50% expedited fee will apply for all services if work is expected to be delivered within a shorter time frame than expected.