"I was a good student and now,

I help others to excel academically"

I'm Dr Ken Wong




As an international student in the UK for 6 years, I have experienced the ups and down that you have gone through. We do not get sufficient support at the university and in some ways, we do struggle more than other students: new education system, new culture, trying to fit in a new country, juggling family and studies, being without our support circle, not to mention all of the admin and visa matters we have to deal with, all on top of studying at the highest level of academia in a second/third language.

I help students academically so that they can keep up with expectations and focus their energy on other things that matter to them too.

My Story


I grew up in Singapore and came to the UK to study at Cardiff University. Upon graduating as the top scorer of my cohort and being awarded the Research Prize for my year, I decided to capitalise on my strengths in academia and pursued a PhD in healthcare at Cardiff University. 

​As a PhD student, I consulted on 8 other PhD research. I quickly found out that I am good at helping others understand complex ideas and philosophical concepts. Supervisors started recommending their students to seek me out to help them grasp certain confusing theories.

​I completed my PhD in 2.5 years; I am one of the fastest students at Cardiff University to do so. I also had 4 publications, joined a concurrent research collaboration, more than 10 conference presentations by the time I graduated.

What I do now


I am an academic consultant for universities and students and the founder of the Postgraduate Research Academy.

I guide postgraduate students along their research projects, teaching them research methodology, data analysis, research designing, review their thesis, prepare for the viva voce etc.

I am also a tutor and supervisor at the University of Essex and the University of Warwick. I teach the Masters in Public Health, International Healthcare Management, Infection Control, Nusing and Medical Education modules and supervise Masters level research.

How I Work

I help students realise their true potential and produce work that they are proud of. I do that by providing bespoke and trustworthy services. I will not write or edit work for a client; all my contributions are suggestions and recommendations and it is their responsibility to decide whether to take them on board.

My PhD research was in exploring how students learn and grow and so in my work, I apply the findings of my research to help push my clients to think deeper and to consider multiple perspectives. Therefore, I will not provide answers but I help my students develop that answer for themselves.

I do not take any credit for any of your accomplishments nor will I ever request to be a co-author on your publication unless there is collaboration involved. My client's successes are their own.

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"I count myself as being fortunate to have received mentor-ship from Dr. Ken Yan Wong during this critical period of my study journey. Hopefully you will consider using the mentor-ship from Dr. Ken Yan Wong to improve your research work!"

Professional Doctorate, Cardiff University

"I was very sad to see Ken finish his PhD as he has been such a source of knowledge, encouraging and inspiring during the first 2 years of my PhD.

The informal chats in the kitchen area have been invaluable, whether its practical tips for conducting focus groups or a thought provoking chat about literature searches, methodology and theoretical underpinng, nothing seem to faze Ken."

PhD, Cardiff University