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Learning that suit your research needs

Struggling with your research? Overwhelmed by the demands of your supervisor?

With my one-to-one consultations, I provide expert support and guidance to help you succeed in your research. Whether you need help with research designing, chapter planning, data analysis, or any other aspect of your research, I can provide personalized advice and practical solutions.

Lets work together to get you that Masters or PhD research sorted.

So why struggle alone? Book your free introductory session today, tell me what you are struggling with and take the first step towards a pain-free research.



Don't worry about taking notes or missing anything. You will be able to record and download the sessions. 


Sessions are as frequent and regular as you need them. Packages and memberships available.


Sessions can be about teaching methodology, designing research, working on supervisor comments etc.

Online/Face to Face

Learn however you like, face-to-face sessions are held in Cardiff city centre on Fridays

How to book a session

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