Academic Review

Unsure if you are ready to submit your thesis/dissertation?


Struggling to understand your supervisor’s feedback?


Unsure of the academic quality of your work?


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I will review your document/dissertation/thesis from cover to cover and comment on your document regarding the academic rigour of your work. I will also push you to think more analytically about your claims and suggest any aspects that you can explore further.

​Your work will be reviewed for the following:


Are you making sense in your arguments? Are you understandable?


Are your arguments logical? Are your sections linking up well?


Do your evidence/ideas support one another? Any contradictions?


Are you analysing and synthesising at the Masters/PhD level?


Does your writing fit the requirements of a dissertation/thesis?

MSc, University of Sheffield

"It was difficult to understand research in English and write my dissertation. My supervisor only allowed to meet me 5 times so I went to Dr Ken for more help.

​He explained articles and theories to me and helped me read my dissertation and guide me to improve it. I wont be able to submit without his help."

MSc, Cardiff University

"It was my first time to undertake research (systematic review). I was confused not sure if my work is right or not.

Ken helped me and guided my work through advice and recommendation which change my assignment and my way of thinking totally."

PhD, Cardiff University

"Ken was very helpful in helping me analyse my PhD. He pointed out many areas that I could improve on and spent time to work with me on improving my thesis.

Even when I have gone back to Oman, Ken and I continued to have consultations until I submitted and passed."

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All quotes are estimates based on the information provided above. Invoices will be based on acutal word count of document sent for review.