6 reasons why you should hire PhD graduates

general phd Apr 12, 2023
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In the US, 67 thousand PhD students graduated in 2014, while in the same year, 28 thousand graduated in the Germany and 25 thousand graduated in the UK, according to an OECD report in 2016. Thousands of PhD students graduate every year to rejoin or join the workforce. Here are some reasons why employers should hire PhD graduates, besides the fact that they have an advanced degree certificate.


They work hard, and smart

You don’t get through 3 or more years of research work without learning more about what makes you tick, how to maximise your productivity, how to manage your time and how to make tight deadlines. In other words, PhD graduates know how to manage hard work and they certainly are not afraid of it.


They know how to be supervised and how to supervise

Looking for someone to invest in and develop to become a manager? PhD graduates have been supervised for the whole of their research. Some PhD graduates have the experience of supervising undergraduate research projects or have taught modules. They are familiar with being guided on their work and also providing guidance to their charges.


They are creative and analytical individuals

Give them a problem and they can analyse it to death. That is how they have functioned throughout their PhD. Additionally, the PhD compels them to think outside the box, chart new waters, develop new solutions. If you are interested in independent creative thinkers then PhD graduates are assured to be just that. But if you are only interested in drones … Aisle 3, next to the shelf with the mindless zombies.


They know to work independently and collaboratively

PhD graduates have the experience of managing their own projects. At the same time, they also work collaboratively with other academics (supervisors and peers), professional bodies and the public on their projects. We are not talking about group projects in school to make a rocket out of ice cream sticks here. These are professional collaborations that have social, cultural, political, scientific and financial contributions.


They challenge themselves and challenge you to grow as an employer

PhD graduates are not satisfied with easy tasks. They want to learn more, grow more, do more. They also push boundaries and are not afraid to question “why not?” They are full of interesting ideas and are capable of inspiring your employees and you, as the employer, to grow along with them.


They make things happen and get things done

Having issues with employees dragging things out and slowing down your workflow? Hire a PhD graduate today to hurry them along. They have years of experience chasing people up for their ethics application, following up their research participants for consent forms, lighting fires under their supervisors to review their thesis chapters. They have the ability to … erm lets say… influence… others to get things done.

Many employers underestimate the value of PhD graduates by reducing their PhD to a just an advanced degree. PhD students do not just go to lectures according to their timetables and do essays. It is more appropriate to think of a PhD as a form of employment. The certification is proof of their ability to manage their own research, work with others and push boundaries.

Hire a PhD graduate today. Satisfaction guaranteed. Batteries not included. No refunds.