Post Grad Research Academy

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Online courses/community

Research is difficult


It is complex, the more you read, the less you know.

It is time-consuming to find the right information and difficult to understand and apply.

It is a completely different beast compared to your other modules.

It is even harder when you are doing it in a second language, in a different culture and city as an international student.

 Don't worry, I will teach you everything you need to know


The Post Grad Research Academy (PGRA)


is an online school that is focused on teaching research methodology and providing a supportive environment for learning and growth, designed for international students studying in the UK.

It does what university cannot do: hand hold you through basics and the advanced complexities of  research theories and approaches. The PGRA community is also a place where you can connect with other international students studying in the UK, share resources, struggles and triumphs and get access to my library of learning materials and tools.

How is PGRA different from your university?

Hybrid Teaching

PGRA uses a combination of online courses, self-study and 1-1 coaching to ensure that what you are learning can be specifically applied to your unique research.

Bespoke paced learning

This is not fast food education. I teach so that you understand. This may take some students longer. You set your pace of learning and I will guide you along the way.


My teaching material is packed with examples, templates, indepth explanations and transcripts. My goal is to cater to all forms of learning styles.

For international students...

by an ex-international student. I know your pain. My content is written with international students conducting research overseas in mind.